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Pineapple Penguins

Pineapple Penguins already started off with some unification due to their covering of popular songs under the band name, “The Band’s Band”. However, with switching some members to new instruments and adding a new mind blowing guitar soloist, Pineapple Penguins were formed. Most of the songs were originally written by a single acoustic guitar, but then were later embellished with unbelievable drumbeats, face-melting solos, and smooth/funky bass lines. Pineapple Penguins follow one of John Mayer’s quotes religiously, “It is hard not to write songs about love”, but also write song about situations you might find yourself in. They connect to their fan base on a whole new level, and expect to make you have a great time with their funky stage presence, formal clothing style, and overall good songs. They appreciate the opportunity, and expect to play the best show at the event.