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Sonic Fuzz

It started a long time a galaxy far far away. On the planet of Nai Ion II on the west side of the Beta-Quadron. A young jedi named Mitchail Serafis was tired of trying to hone his jedi strength just to create war against the ever so tense empire the planet, as well as the rest of the galaxy, was under. He was very busy instead harnessing his powers to play music on piano and other keyed instruments. His ways with the force and with music were unlike any other. Slamming ivory with intrepid force to create such a sound. He decided to call on Ekim Nausurious of Tattooine to aid him in his quest for music. Nausurious was a very knowledgeable person. Also an amazing guitarist. Rumor has it he traded his soul to the devil in order to play louder and faster and think of any unknown riffs only to bring them to life in music he wrote. The two wrote unthinkable pieces. Amazing friends at gatherings and parties, and soothing tusken raiders when nearby villages were in danger. They were unstoppable. Only the dynamic duo felt something was missing. Beat...and not just any beat...something unusual...They headed out to Couresant for an evening of festivities when a young deathstick dealer named Nostrebor Nai heard the rumor of the two creating music unlike any other. He asked if he could lay down beats for them. The two accepted and were lured into a nearby alley. A curtain stood in back of the alley only to have Nostrebor Nai take it off and unveil a beautiful gleaming drumset. He then played. POUNDING the skins with thunderous magnitude and the speed of a pod racer on fire. He could change time signatures just as quick as you could say DAAAMMMNNN. The 3 then played together only to create a truly unstoppable sound...They started booking gigs left and right! Eventually someone approached the 3 and said "somethings STILL missing." Ekim Nausurious was out strolling through Couresant in the red light district when he came up on a bar he'd like to sit down and relax in for a little bit. Something caught his ear. He felt it may have been the missing piece. A bus boy named Santerious Nova was humming a tune that Ekim would later describe as "the voice of a prepubescent angel" Nausurious invited Santerious to come with his voice prepared. Santerious accepted. Later that week Santerious also showed up with a Bass adding more of a foundation to the sound...the 4 became known as Sonic Fuzz and lived happily ever after creating music.