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The Break

A school music project brought the band members together.  Individually, each had a passion for their instrument and some trained from a very early age. Together, they formed an astoundingly tight, unified band. While practicing, they quickly realized there was something unique about their harmonizing, quality of music and camaraderie.  Thus, The Break was formed and as they began to hone in their skills, they discovered a natural ability to write songs with incredible lyrics and depth to the music being created.  Although relatively young, the band considers itself old in “rock years”, pulling lyrics from their everyday life experiences.  Their original songs coupled with an extensive knowledge of classical and current songs has harvested a bountiful playlist.  The Break’s signature style has made them somewhat of a local sensation and bringing their music to the stage was a natural, next step.  A Variety Show was just the beginning, followed by Bobbapaloosa, Beatles Night, National Night Out and Taste of Park Ridge in their local town.  They were requested to play street fairs in Wrigleyville, charity events such as Annalise’s Run and Rage Against the Disease as well as shows in Skokie, Des Plaines, Winnetka and Chicago.  Testimony to their wide appeal is a recent performance at a predominantly heavy metal venue where The Break met their ultimate challenge and won over an intimidating audience in black platform boots that eventually lined up to buy their new CD.  Furthermore, Ted Ansani (band member of Material Issue) said this about The Break, “ The Break is a new age rock band surely to get crowds roaring in their upcoming years“.
The Break’s new album, Welcome to Our Side, has been a tremendous hit with their growing fan base.  They are excited, eager and enthusiastic to entertain their future audiences.  Thank you for the opportunity.